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Line is a straight pointing of my pencil, color is rainbow in my papper, we know design is easy to made, but drawing a concept to my papper with some line its not easy.
You know how hard to be a Real Photographer? Yes not only with a camera for being a photographer, You must know picture doesnt enough only by just click your shutter, you must give the picture a Soul
digital movie
Record some action and cut them frame by frame, everyone can do that things, You must take emotion and all energy to make a sequence. Capture the moment not only with your gears but with your heart and your skills.

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“You can do anything in this world, but you must know something, I believe all my dreams came true because I know I can get it with Learn and learn.”

Dhani - Founder

“I just ordinary person, but all the things that I learn is never stop, because I know, I must go to my point to be perfect.”

Reza - Art Director